Melos New Vocal Music Collective | Vilnius
co-founder & artistic director/producer
Melos is a women‘s collective working in the field of new vocal music. Performing works by living composers and sound artists, the collective seeks to create a space for practices of reduced and experimental vocal music.




Muzika Erdvėje Festival of Site-specific Music

Muzika Erdvėje [Music in a Space]
Festival of Site-specific Music, Lithuania
co-founder and organiser, 2014-2018

Baltic Contemporary Music Network

Baltic Contemporary Music Network
project coordintator, 2020

Druskomanija Contemporary Music Festival

Contemporary Music Festival, Lithuania
artistic director and producer, 2018-2019

Muzikalke School for Music Creativity

School for Music Creativity
co-founder & general manager, 2018-2022

KONTAKTAS Vilnius New and Experimental Music Series

Vilnius New and Experimental Music Series
founder & curator,  2020-2021

Muzikos Ruduo Contemporary Lithuanian Music Festival

Muzikos Ruduo [Music Autumn]
Contemporary Lithuanian Music Festival, Lithuania
co-curator, communications manager, 2019

Traditional Singing Course

Traditional Singing Course
on-site & online education programs for authentic sung folklore, Lithuania
co-fouder & organiser, 2019-2020