Melos New Vocal Music Collective | Vilnius  
co-founder & artistic director
Melos is a women‘s collective working in the field of new vocal music. Performing works by living composers and sound artists, the collective seeks to create a space for practices of alternative academic and experimental music as well as inter-disciplinary projects. Performing in variously sized groups – from solo to choir, the collective has presented programs together with creators such as Jacob Kirkegaard, Rytis Mažulis, Arturas Bumšteinas and others.





Muzikalke School for Music Creativity

School for Music Creativity
co-founder & general manager, 2018-2022

KONTAKTAS Vilnius New and Experimental Music Series

Vilnius New and Experimental Music Series
founder & curator,  2020-2021

Druskomanija Contemporary Music Festival

Contemporary Music Festival, Lithuania
artistic director and producer, 2018-2019

Muzika Erdvėje Festival of Site-specific Music

Muzika Erdvėje [Music in a Space]
Festival of Site-specific Music, Lithuania
co-founder and organiser, 2014-2018

Muzikos Ruduo Contemporary Lithuanian Music Festival

Muzikos Ruduo [Music Autumn]
Contemporary Lithuanian Music Festival, Lithuania
co-curator, communications manager, 2019

Baltic Contemporary Music Network

Baltic Contemporary Music Network
project coordintator, 2020

Traditional Singing Course

Traditional Singing Course
on-site & online education programs for authentic sung folklore, Lithuania
co-fouder & organiser, 2019-2020